Facebook Food Ordering

You can now turn your facebook page into your own online food ordering website. We are glad to launch the Facebook food ordering for the first time in India. Stop paying those huge commissions to other online food ordering portals which they use for their own promotions. Promote your own brand without spending time and connect with your customers.

About Zaykedaar

There are tons of reasons why we are ahead of the competition. We market for you unlike other competitors who market for themselves and then eat the pie of your profit from the same local customers you already know and visit your place regularly. Does it not makes sense to have a direct connection with them instead of a mediator?

Nowadays everything is happening online and more so on facebook. There are so many food ordering apps in this industry and it is safe to assume user cannot really have all those apps on his or her smartphone. This means you are probably missing out on customers who do not have the app on which your restaurant is listed nor it is practically possible for everyone to use all the apps available in the market. We make the task easy for everyone. We will provide an option of ordering food right through your Facebook page. Customer can simply login in a single click and place their order. No hassle of those big registration forms. The application will be integrated to your Facebook page allowing you to connect with your customers easily and promote any events/discount offers directly to the customers.You pay huge amount of money as commission to various food ordering sites. They just provide you a platform and increase an application for the end customers and charge heavy commissions on order value. We provide you the platform but no heavy commissions, instead we are the only one providing Order Assurance program. No new app for end customers.

Easy Application

The application is designed to be mobile friendly and works on android, iOS and all other platforms and browsers. Customers don’t even need to download and install any kind of application. They can place their orders right on your facebook page. No user registration required, no time consuming processes. All they got to do is click on Login and they will be logged in automatically using their facebook credentials.

Why Facebook

Now-a-days Facebook is the biggest platform for social media. Indian market is the second largest market for Facebook. A user checks his facebook account 13 times a day on an average. When it provides such a great platform to connect with your customers, why miss the opportunity? 95% of your customers are local, living at most 3-5 kms near your restaurant. Most of them already have liked your Facebook page but the core problem is that to place online orders, they go to other food ordering portals for which you need to pay hefty commissions. If you already are connected with them through facebook, all you need is an expert who can do marketing for you and keep the customers engaged and satisfied. This is where zaykedaar.com comes into picture. Not only do we provide you a solid application to receive orders right on your smartphone, we also do the marketing for you!! We have excellent designs and content to post and we keep working on them based on the new trends in social media marketing to help you reach out to your customers.


Zaykedaar believes in giving full support to their customers and Restaurants. We have three major options. Live chat, call support and e-mail. In live chat, our executive will handle all the queries right through your facebook page. We will install live chat widget along with the facebook application to facilitate that. Now that’s called premium customer care and Restaurant Care!!.